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Students using their skills for Wood ID.

Winners in 2013.

Welcome to Win With Wood. Did you know that  most of Kentucky’s forests are located in the eastern half of the state? The Win With Wood project brings together the youth of the region, along with forest and wood industries owners/businessmen, Extension agents, leaders, and UK specialists in a collaborative project to introduce the youth of the region to forestry and wood industries. Expected outcomes for the students include: a realistic look at the skills needed in this profession, meaningful experiences, and to open doors to the students for career opportunities.

You will be able to experience an exciting event at the University of Kentucky Wood Utilization Center located at the Robinson Center for Appalachian Resource Sustainability (RCARS), Quicksand, KY in October. Win With Wood is an unique opportunity for Kentucky’s youth to learn more about the forest products industries and to showcase their talents and skills. This annual fun-filled competition incorporates both primary and secondary forest products events as well as forestry events. Students are welcome to participate in as few or as many of the events as she/he desires.


Who Can Participate?

  • All eastern Kentucky youth between the ages of 9 – 14 years (junior division)
  • All eastern Kentucky youth 15 - 18 years old (senior division).

  • Awards are presented to all participants. Individual participants receive points based upon their answers to the questions in each event. The three participants with the highest number of points scored in each division receive the prestigious Charles Barnhart medallions. The senior with the highest number of points will be awarded the Albert W. Spencer scholarship ($500) sponsored by the Kentucky Forest Industries Association and the University of Kentucky, College of Agriculture.

How Do I Register?

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How Do I Get There?


Win With Wood

October 4, 2022
9 a.m. - 2 p.m.
University of Kentucky Wood Utilization Center
311 Woodcenter Drive
Jackson, KY 41339

Schedule of Events

October 4, 2022

9:00 a.m.  Registration
9:30 a.m.  Events Begin
11:30 a.m. Lunch will be served
                 (Events and lunch run concurrently)
1:00 p.m.  Events close
2:00 p.m.  WWW ends 

(Win With Wood competition results are available to participants as soon as the tabulations can be completed.)